Laugh Sassy Girl Canvas

This lovely canvas I did for Naomi.  I picked up a denim canvas at Michaels .   Meaning of "Sassy"
1. Lively and spirited; jaunty.  2. Stylish; chic.

Image Freebie....

Here is an image that you can download and create something beautiful with.....

My Reason For Living

Here are 2 altered frames I created of my grandsons....

Published Again!!!!

I have been published "Just Steampunk Vol 6" again.....Pages and pages 5 of them that my creations are in how awesome is that.   Take a look.....

Steampunk Baby Frame

This frame I did for my grandson Ayden shown in picture.   I went all out embellishing this one.

Dangly Charm For Swap

I started a jewelry swap in and I had to do a dangly charm for my pal that includes a tag to display it in .

Stickpins For Swap

I started this swap in I had to make two stickpins and something to display them in.