Steampunk Canvas

This canvas is for a friend.   She wanted me to alter the saying to put in restroom in her home.

Small Baby Frame

Altered Printer Tray Of My Grandson and His Mom

I loved doing this tray because it is of my grandson & Pam his mom when they came down to Miami to spend their vacation with us.   They live in Germany and there are no beaches there.   So we took them to the beach which they love.   I wanted to make something that they can remember those awesome days.   I plan to send it to them as a gift.

Altered Printer Tray For Emily

This tray is for my 5 year old niece Emily.

Altered Printer Tray for My Cousin

Here is a tray I altered of my cousin Megan. I had great fun doing them.  I love the picture of her with the hat.  She is posing like a model.