My Finished Christmas Tree 2014

Well I finally finished my Christmas tree.   I spent 2 days to complete but I love taking my time doing it.   This time I decided to make it more adult like, no Santas, snowmen or anything cutsie.   The ribbon with the red, green, and lime green polka dots was what inspired me to do a more modern tree.   I then bought christmas balls that matched at Michaels and Big Lots.  Believe it or not some of the decorations are from the Dollar Tree store and Walmart.   Some of the decorations look like candy.   First time I have had a tree is artificial but you should see it it is so natural looking.
Now to wait until Christmas.......

Before lighting


Getting Ready For Christmas

Here is a dress form I created for my friend Esveyde.  I was in a friendship swap and had her as my partner.   Here is what I did.

Altoid Tin Altered For Halloween

I created this for my friend Esveyde.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Here I am at work ready to celebrate Halloween.....

Head dress I did for my costume.  I added a decorated skull later (not shown here)
Here are the earrings I did also.

Steampunk Canvas

This canvas is for a friend.   She wanted me to alter the saying to put in restroom in her home.

Small Baby Frame

Altered Printer Tray Of My Grandson and His Mom

I loved doing this tray because it is of my grandson & Pam his mom when they came down to Miami to spend their vacation with us.   They live in Germany and there are no beaches there.   So we took them to the beach which they love.   I wanted to make something that they can remember those awesome days.   I plan to send it to them as a gift.