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Once Upon A Time Stationary

THis Stationary I did for a very dear friend Linda a while back. It was great fun to do. I thought you all might be inspired to do one yourself.  I found a paper mache box shaped like a book which I painted and covered the front with paper and added hardware for closure. My friend loves  J.Waterhouse painting which remind me of princess' in a fairy tale. So I used the Once Upon A Time paper collection and made it into a story. See below:

 When you open the box/book the inside cover on the left is a mirror which says "beautiful princess",with the idea that when she looks in the mirror she is the princess. On the right is the end of the story which ends with "Happly Ever After. In between is the cards I did as the story.  They are blank cards to use as my friend wishes.
This is the back of box.
                                The first card is the princess enjoying some flowers
                                           Here is a mermaid grooming herself.
                Here is the princess again. She is thinking of her Knight In Shining Armer.
                                        Here she is receiving a gift from her prince.

And finally united with her princess.
Mind you the story is made up by me .
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