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Beautiful Song & Chorus Birdcage and Bird Mini

This project I did with a birdcage I bought at Michaels I then made a mini chipboard album shape of a bird also from Michael's the $1.50 bin.....I used the Prima Printery paper and I so loved creating it.   Here are the pics.....
This is the front view.  Here you will see flourishes from Kaiser Kraft that painted in white and tied to birdcage with wire.   I hid wires with the flowers.   I added lace to bottom of cage and added wooden legs.    

Here is a closer look of flourishes and flowers notice the dragonfly

Inside cage is a nest that I cut in half to make it seem that the bird is sitting in it.  The reason I did that  was because the bird mini would sit to high and would not look right.  The birdcage is lined with black tulle at the bottom.

Here I decorated the cage with tulle in black, white and creme , pearls and flowers and a couple of black feathers

This is a side view

Another side view

As you can see the cage opens on top to fit bird mini 

This is the top view of cage and that is the half nest. I added large pearls to make it look like eggs. I also added a key like if the bird is keeping the key to birdcage and I added flowers and pearls.

Here is bird mini out of cage.

Closer look 

Beautiful Song and Chorus chipboard embellishment is from Printery Collection. I put a metal frame and added pearls around it.  The flower I bought at Micheal's the color got my attention and I had to get it....

The crown is from a large metal pin that I cut and added matching bling and pearls. 

Second page I used the same flowers and chippies there is space for a small picture. 
This is a closer view.

Love this paper and chippies...Notice the bow at its neck with the white flower.

Closer shot

Closer view

Notice the matching bling and feathers

On this page I added a feather to the head and some lovely lace and satin flowers to tail.

Closer view

Closer view of tail

Isn't this darling notice the crown chippie I added bling to it.  I added black flowers to tail. 

Closer view

Closer view of Black flowers and bling

Here is side view of bird

Back view of bird I had to change ring binder for a bigger one,mini was to chunky I then added tulle and ribbon.

Closer view of nest

View from the top

Acrylic bird that is attached to bird cage I added feathers and flowers. Under bird from the inside I glued the tulle and pearls.

Here is a bird's eye view
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