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Nautical (MErMaiD) TaGS "Enchanting" and "Magical"

THese two tags were inspired by my friend Milissa Dee, which is her screen name in the scrapbook world.  I hosted a Bird Tag Swap in and she joined .  She created these beautiful tags with paper, burlap and fabric and I loved them.  It inspired me to create my own tags with the same medium. Thank you Milissa.....

I did not use scrap paper on these tags.  I covered the tag in burlap and added a shiny fabric to make it look like water.  I then used Prima flowers and fish net and added real seashells.  The fish is made of wood which I had from a framed decoration I had in my bathroom which broke and I kept the fish to use later.  I also added buttons and clear pebbles to make it look like drops of water. 

This tag is called "Enchanting"

The little mermaid sat and dreamed
Of a life with humans up above.
She wanted to dance with her prince.
She would give up anything for love.

She agreed to deformity,
Giving up her sleek graceful tail.
Her very life would be forfeit
If in this great quest she should fail.

Mermen must have been much more true
For her to agree to such a plan.
She gambled everything and failed.
She was not cherished by her man.

The Brothers Grimm told her sad tale
Of true love again not returned.
A woman who bestows her love
Often by fickle man is spurned

This tag is called "Magical"

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