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My Collection Of Tags

Here is my collection of tags created by many awesome artist.   I hung them on a chain in order for me to display them.   I can't stand keeping them in a box in a closet.   To me they are a small work of art and should be on display for everyone to enjoy.  Most of these artist are from
If you wish to do a private tag swap please email me…..

If tag has no name I will put a question mark?.  If you recognize a tag you created and it has no name please let me know.
From top left: Lisa Hessabi, purple tag ?, Silver26AK, ScrappyByDesign, StormyDog, Latarris, Maja Nowak, AFilateaus, Scrapsmart, Linny, MadewithTLC, AlisonAussie 
Bottom left : Babygirl, StopnScrap07, Princess69, Martica, MsGardenGrove1, LittleBoPeep, MsAnnieS, Lillian, Phonechic29, Linny, ?

Top left: MidniteScrapper, VintageGypsy, Amymwz, Bobbie, Sunnygirl63, Midnitescrapper, DKravec, StormyDog, Desiree 

Top left: LaceyKat, Linny, Helene, ILovePapillons, LaceyKat, Kahlan, StripesnScraps, Throwscraps, Bobbie
Bottom left: Lily, Elitescrap, NJR007, MsMoey, Marlene, Evelyn Valencia, Martica, Kimabobima
Top left: MsVickie55, ?,  MsVickie55,  Scisebarrisjjj 2, CraftyLefty,  Sciberrasjjj 
Bottom left: Dixie Leah, Martica, Milissa Dee, Linny, ShabbyPinkHouse

Top left:  Isbelle, Stretch9089, Milissa Dee, MelbaSanchez, Linny
Bottom left:  Euroalien,  Ilovepapillons, Sciberrasjjj, Bobbie, IlovePapilons

Top left:  Evelyn V, ?, CommaHolly, Joydee63, Kathryn K, Martica 2, LittleBoPeep, Kristii, Kimabobima, Dkravec
Bottom left: LaceyKat, CraftySuzie, Pixerframer, Nanasan, Ilovepapillons, Bobbie, Phonechic29, Dkscrapper
From left to right:   Dkravec 2, Wallie, Johanna
This display are all tags I created

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